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A Terrorist Who Does Not Surrender Himself Willingly Should No Longer Be Pardoned

In recent times, and as a result of the introduction of "Operation Hadin Kai" by the NigerIan Military Forces against the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists, there have been massive surrenders by the outlaws. And the number of them have climbed up to 3,000 in the country and 900 in Cameroon according to reports. But what is Operation Hadin Kai?

Operation Hadin Kai involves the combination of the use of forceful and peaceful measures by the federal joint military task force (JTF) to tackle the terrorists. Therefore, as aerial bombardments by the Airforce and ground mop-up operations by the soldiers were used to raid the outlaws in their Sambisa forest hideouts and strongholds, those of them who were fortunate to survive the onslaughts, and were prepared to embrace government amnesty were warmly received. And while most of them handed over themselves and their families to the NigerIan JTF, some lesser ones did same in Cameroon as already mentioned above.

But while they kept turning up and were being readily accepted, there have been mixed reactions by the general public as to the rationale of their forgiveness by the government, and the accompanying promise to send them back to the society after deradicalising, rehabilitating and empowering them. And those who were opposed to the position of the government feared that like some of them had done before, there might also be some black sheep among these ones. Also, due to the unusual rates at which they were turning in themselves, concerns were raised that there could be more behind the development than met the ordinary eye. The apprehension was further fuelled when it was discovered that one of the leaders of the Taliban terrorists who ousted the Afghan government about two weeks ago is one of the beneficiaries of former President Barack Obama state pardon.

Also, sources close to the terrorists' den in their Sambisa forest base reportedly said that it was actually only the Boko Haram members who have been surrendering themselves. And that has infuriated their ISWAP partners. As a reaction to it, the unrepentant ISWAP commanders issued a warning threat to the government that they would bounce back to defeat the federal troops, as well as take over the North-Eastern part of the country.

The ISWAP terrorists can be said to have started the process of fulfilling their warning threat above by their attack on the military base in Rann community which is said to be about 350 km from Maiduguri on Sunday. And they simply must be stopped decisively and by ruthless means, especially as they have unequivocally turned their back at the government amnesty.

In addition, unconditional amnesty should be cancelled. By this, only those who voluntarily surrender themselves should be pardoned, while those who are arrested should be made to face the full wrath of the law and in accordance to the crimes they had committed prior. If these conditional steps are not adopted, the unfettered rebellious ISWAP urchins will contribute to feel on top of the world; and worse so to the extent of discouraging their Boko Haram counterparts who would have wanted to turn a new leaf.

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