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The 3R's Gowon Introduced To Heal The 'Wounds' Of The Civil War Still Applicable Today

For three years, that is, from 1967 to 1970 , Nigeria fought an internecine civil war that resulted in serious human and material loss. As the war ended, there was the need for Nigerians to come together in rapprochement again, to build bridges of harmony, unity and togetherness. The Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon declared at the end of the civil war which was fought between Nigerian troops and the Biafran troops, that there was " no victor no vanquish". He further introduced what is known as the 3R's as an elixir to heal the wounds and trauma of the war. Let's analyse the 3R's.


Reconstruction is the act of rebuilding something. War brings destruction and desolation. It brings about unimaginable loss of human lives and wanton destruction of property. When two enemies wage war both sides suffer loss irrespective of the side that wins at the end. Reconstruction follows once the war comes to an end. It is said that what takes a day to be destroyed can take many years to rebuild. Reconstruction means bringing the other side into the fold and both sides will become a united entity again.


Reintegration means bringing someone into a union or group which he formally belongs. War splits people along tribal, ethnic, sectional and religious divide. During civil war people who usually share common bond and identity become enemies. Thus, seeking to undermine the existence of one another.

Reintegration makes such people to see themselves as countrymen again with common interests that is directed to the promotion of the goals of the state.


Rehabilitation has to do with the process of helping someone achieve the highest level of function, independence and quality of life. War leads to injuries, disabilities, sanity, loss of jobs and means of livelihood. A rehabilitation programme will help people get back on their formal status and reputation.

Nigeria is not fighting any civil war now, however, in the face of rising and enormous loss of lives and large scale destruction as a result of terrorism, banditary, herdsmen crises, Nigeria needs the 3R's to function well again.

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