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Regional Security: Why Amotekun Are Living Up To Expectation, But Must Not Be Only Option.

Amotekun is the codename of the operatives of the Western Security Network.They were formed by the six Southwestern States, for the purpose of fighting insecurity.


This group have just lived up to that expectation by arresting no fewer than 18 bandits and about 500 daggers and guns, concealed in Tigernut bags.


Recall that these bandits have been terrorizing various regions in Nigeria, through kidnappings and killings. Many prominent Nigerians have all called for them to be tagged terrorists, but an Islamic cleric, sheikh Gumi have constantly advised against that line of action.

That being said, the activities of these bandits are usually traumatizing, hence, their entrance into a region and with that many weapons can not be good at all.

The question now will be, why are the Amotekun doing the work meant for law enforcement agencies in Nigeria?. Well, the answer is not far fetched. The military that had checkpoints in the region have allegedly pulled out over claims of owed allowances.

Nigerian army emblem (

For governor Akeredolu to boldly declare that the Amotekun are filling the vacuum left by the military, proves the Amotekun are living up to expectations and more.

Sadly, that much can not be said of their sister regional Security outfit, Ebubeagu, formed by the Southeastern States.

Map of Nigeria showing all the regions (

While we congratulate then for their success, we must implore the appropriate authorities to look into the claims made by the military. This is because, these bandits attempted this movement of arms almost in response to the pulling out of the military.

So, while we appreciated them for their services, we must look into bringing back the military to these checkpoints as soon as possible. The Amotekun should not be the only security.

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