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Two Ways To Prevent The Rise Of Further Attacks On Soldiers In Imo State Communities

There has been a lot of tension in Imo state in recent weeks after hoodlums started causing issues in some parts of the state which has led to clashes between the hoodlums and soldiers.

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In the wake of this incessant attacks against the military men, no fewer than 3 soldiers have been killed in clashes they've had with the hoodlums, thereby causing unrest for people living in the communities where this attacks are carried out.

First it was reported by Punch two weeks ago that soldiers clashed with some youths in Izombe, a community in the Oguta Local Government Area of the state which left two soldiers and one hoodlum dead while the most recent attack happened yesterday, 20th October, 2021 when some hoodlums attacked and killed a soldier.

Punch reported that the attack happened in Etekuru, an area in Ohaji Egbema Local government and even after the hoodlums killed the soldier, they also took his rifle along with them.

Article Source: Punch

This shows that the hoodlums are not ready to quit their attacks as they seem to be gathering more weapons in their fight against the military.

In order to prevent the rise of further attacks and also get the hoodlums arrested, below are two ways to achieve the feat;

1. The people in the community should Inform the soldiers when they see the hoodlums around: Clearly, this are targeted attacks and the hoodlums are only targeting the soldiers. The residents of the community however, should make sure they swiftly alert the military men who are around whenever they see the hoodlums in the community in order to get them arrested. When arrests have been made due to the report of the residents, the hoodlums will be deterred to carry out any attack for fear of being caught and in no time they will be forced to desist from their acts of violence seeing that the residents of the communities have turned against them.

2. In the communities where these attacks are carried out, a group of able bodied men who are willing to combat the hoodlums should be setup and allowed to apprehend the hoodlums causing unrest after which they will hand them over to the right authorities. The group of men will be more at an advantage because they are familiar with the nooks and crannies of the community which will make them know where to set an ambush for the hoodlums when next they are coming to strike and apprehend them. When this is done, other hoodlums planning to attack will stop in their tracks and quit their attack plots so as not to be ambushed and arrested like others.

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