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Painful exit of a young Gallant soldier

Just ten (10) months after passing out from Depot Na this young man just dead in the battlefield again Bokoharan.

In the last attack our soldiers incantact with bokoharan over fitty (50) and more than hundred (100) injured this young man lost his life among those that died.

He is just Ten (10) months old in the army with alot of expetetion just ended up without making his dreams come to pass may your gentle soul rest in peace you died serving your country you forever be remembered

We the 19nation/term78 miss you.

You died as a hero and hero you will remain In our hearts rest on bro.

Just ten (10) and we lost more than fitty (50) of our regulars as for me I think it like of experience in the field just from training to the battlefield again Bokoharan.

Please brothers and sisters keep praying for our soldiers in the field to for God's protection and success.

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