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OPINION: The Nigerian Military Should Be Equiped With This Armor.

Over time now the Nigerian military have been suffering insufficient equipment despite the huge amount of money being allocated to the sector to improve their standards.

No matter how bad things are, there are certain armors that they shouldn't lack in their military base. Till now I don't know if they have enough weapons for their operations.

In my own view, I think they should get this armor because it will help them a lot. These bullet proofs are made to be resistant to any bullet attack on it they can be in various forms which include anti-bullet vehicles, shields, vests, helmets and many others.

Below are the pictures of the lastest bullet proof for the forces.

Some of the a above shields are locally made from complexes such as Kevlar, UHMWPE, lexan or carbon fiber elements. Equally some are made from steel and titanium.

It will be a good thing if every member of the Nigerian Military can possess this bullet shield.

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