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2 Consequences Gumi Revealed That Declaring Bandits As Terrorists May Have

Islamic Cleric, Ahmad Gumi, has advised the federal government against accepting the demand to declare bandits as a terrorist group.

Calls to do so have been made by different Nigerians. To underscore how serious the demand is, Speakers of the 36 States in Nigeria demanded that the President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government should declare the bandits as terrorists. But, Gumi discouraged the move and revealed that doing so will come at a price, according to a report by The Punch. This article will discuss the two consequences Gumi disclosed that doing that would bring.

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First, Gumi revealed that declaring the bandits as terrorists will make other terrorists groups to establish a link with them to team up. In that case, the bandits will have more collaborators that will help them in many areas. This will make the war against them harder for the Nigerian government. This is because the bandits will have access to more weapons and other things they did not have before if they establish a link with other terrorist groups that have strong roots.

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Secondly, he disclosed that tagging the bandits as a terrorists group would give the war against them a religious coloration. This is because the other terrorists groups believe that they are all fighting religious war as they see that as a ''Jihad''. In this regard, the bandits my get more misguided youths to join them believing that they are fighting the needful battle for survival. As far as some misguided and uneducated youths in the Northern region especially the North West are concerned, once they are told that it is a Jihad war, they are most likely to join the fight.

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Why FG needs to be careful after Gumi's revelations

It is true that Gumi is seen as someone who defends the bandits, but that does not mean everything he says are to protect the bandits. The two points discussed above need to be carefully considered by the federal government. This is because the bandits are still made up of different groups operating in those forests of some states in the North West. If they are dealt with the way they are, it may work better. They are not so united as various camp have disagreements and fight one another. Tagging all of them a terrorist group may unify them to fight as a group for survival first.

Nigeria will end if Buhari declares bandits as terrorists: Sheikh Gumi

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Two, what will be the implication if other international terrorist groups come to form links with the bandits when declared a terrorist group? This is what happens when a violent and illegal group is tagged a terrorist organization. Other terrorist groups will like to form alliance with the new group to carry out more attacks. It happened when Boko Haram was tagged a terrorist group. The government needs to consider the consequences that may arise if the group is designated a terrorist group and other bad terrorists groups come to form a link with it.

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