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Three Countries That Did Not Participate in World War Two

The Second World War is considered one of the most significant and destructive wars in modern history. It saw the involvement of numerous countries around the world. However, As reported by World Atlas some countries remained neutral and did not participate in the war. Here are three of them

1. Portugal

Portugal, located in Europe, was a neutral country during the Second World War. According to a report by History is Now Magazine, Portugal managed to maintain its neutrality by striking a balance between its interests and maintaining a peaceful foreign policy. Despite being friendly with Britain, Portugal did not get involved in the war.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland, a European country known for its neutrality, also did not fight in the Second World War. Despite being geographically situated at the heart of Europe, Switzerland maintained a policy of neutrality, which helped the country remain safe from the war's devastating effects. According to a report by War History, Switzerland even managed to protect its borders and maintained its independence during the war.

3. Monaco

Monaco, also known as the Principality of Monaco, is a country located in Europe. According to a report by Business Insider, Monaco remained neutral throughout the Second World War. Despite its small size, Monaco managed to stay out of the war and avoid getting involved in any conflicts.

All these countries managed to remain neutral during the Second World War and avoided getting entangled in the conflict. This helped them avoid the devastating effects of the war and maintain their sovereignty and independence.

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