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Pictures taken from the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) training ground

The Nigerian Defence Academy is one of the most priced assets and pride of the Nigerian Military. They are well trained officers trained to supervise the duties and affairs of the Other ranks or lower ranks in the country. They undergo a 4-5 years training. Their training is usually strainous. This is to make sure they always physically fit at all times and they are "cracked" and always good to go. They go through different rigorous trainings and obstacle crossings to prepare them for future unforseen circumstances.

Below are some of the pictures taken from their training ground:

Cadets hunching to makes sure they gain enough stamina.

Cadets forward rolling to keep fit and "cracked"

Cadets practicing how to shoot in a shooting range

Cadets crossing different kinds of obstacles to prepare them for future circumstances like war.

Cadets being flogged and trained to increase their endurance

Cadets on the parade ground looking Packard

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is the pride of the Nigerian Military and Armed forces.

What do you think about their training?

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