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Opinion: Why The Induction Of The A-29 Super Tucano Into NAF Will Put An End To Terrorism In Nigeria

Many Nigerians are saying 'thank you' to the United States for the partnerships in providing the A-29 Super Tucano aircrafts to confront current ravaging terrorism, that is driven by religious extremism, tribal oriented political ambitions, poverty driven recruiting base and influx of ammunition. It is apparent that Nigeria will regain it peaceful co-existence back and thrive together as a Nation.

But some Nigerians sit down and say "Don't government know where these bandits and terrorists are? Are they not in the forests? Why can't they bombard the forest? Don't they have intelligence?". These set of people think all these are not known to the organised government? They forgot that in anger to fight attacking terrorists, our troops had entered into ambush using the prescribed formula you some Nigerians to attack immediately.

They don't know that while their own intelligence ends at the location of these terrorists, that of government starts with the type of battle and equipment required to fight the purveyors of evils. To fight terrorism, the military need to organise the ground from the sky so as to avoid ambush for the ground troops. Even to protect our airforce officers, the military needs aircrafts that can fly higher above the bullets of terror. If these are not on ground, any military have to be fighting cautiously till they acquire them.

The Government had known these since 2015, which is the reason they ordered the A-29 Super Tucano aircrafts since 2016. Our military had not been properly equipped until Buhari came in. And those military equipment can't be bought the way one does shopping at grocery stores. An order has to be made and they (the manufacturers) will approve and start production. The ones Nigeria ordered 6 years just arrived this year and our men are also being trained to use it. They are launched today. We are getting set for the final showdown against terrorists and we will defeat evil and light shall triumph! We cannot send our troops to enter ambush but now, the risks are minimised, we will regain our forest and Nigeria shall be safe 100%.

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