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Check Out The Underwater Delivery Vehicle Being Used By US Navy Seals (Photos)

US Seals are specially trained military men in the United States Army who are taught how to use modern technology and advanced weapons to carry out military operations. The group of trained military commandos are used both in the US Air Force and Navy.

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Majorly known for their use of sophisticated weapons, the US Navy Seals are only deployed to carry out special operations in the maritime coasts of America. And to do this, US Seals are provided with high-end arms and machines that would help them perform their duties. One of the most useful military vehicles used by US Navy Seals is called the Seals Delivery Vehicle (SDV).

The manned aquatic automobile is a fully functional underwater cruise machine that is used to transport US Seals into submarines without being noticed.

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The 22feet long sea vehicle dives at an cruising speed of 7.4 kilometers per hour and at a top speed of 11 kilometers per hour.

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The SDV goes as far as 20feet deep inside the ocean, boards nothing less than 6 crewmen and can stay up to 12hours underwater.

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