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2 Major Differences Between Bandits And Terrorists Show The 2 Words Can't Be Used Interchangeably

Due to the various atrocities perpetrated by bandits, there have been calls from different individuals and bodies to declare bandits as terrorists so that, the Nigerian military can be permitted to kill them without any consequences in the international law.

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Examples of those who are in support of the motion that bandits should be declared as terrorists are, Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state, the National Assembly and the House of Representatives.

The first major difference between a bandit and a terrorist is the political objectives.

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A bandit is an outlaw that engages in criminal activities involving the use or threat of violence, in most cases, the bandit may be referred to as a robber or a thief. While a terrorist is one who uses unlawful violence against civilians while pursuing a political goal.

Of all the reasons why someone or a group of people engage in the act of banditry, political objectives are from it. The bandits may commit the crimes due to financial reasons or because of the love they have for the evil acts, but they will never do so because of a political goal. Whereas such cannot be said when dealing with terrorists.

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Another major difference is that terrorists usually engage in their criminal activities in order to relay a message to the people.

When terrorists commit crimes, they do so to relay a message to the people, and that's why most times they target a group of people. They believe it will surely catch the attention of the media and spread fear to the hearts of the people.

Let's look at when Abubakar Shekau the former leader of Boko Haram was still alive, he would always record himself in a video and speak out to confirm if his terrorist group carried out an attack or not, also he would often reveal the reason why the attacks were carried out.

Image Credit: Premium Times.

Looking at a scenario, when Abubakar Shekau confirmed that his terrorist group was responsible for the killing of 78 rice farmers in Zabarmari axis of Jere Local government Area of Borno State. He said his group killed the 78 farmers because they arrested and handed over one of their brothers to the Nigerian army.

No doubt, the action carried out by the Boko Haram terrorist group was very unpleasant, nevertheless, they did it to relay a message to the people.

Although a bandit may carry out a criminal act for the sake of vengeance, they never do so to relay a message like that of the terrorists.

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