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See Weapons You Need Against Untimely Death.

Many people have died prematurely and untimely without fulfilling their dreams and visions in life.

See the weapons you need against untimely death

< Midnight prayers are excellent weapon to guard against untimely death and any other misfortune.

Pray always by asking God to protect you from Untimely death and keep you safe always.

For anyone who wants to fulfill dreams and goals with long life and in good health, you must learn to be prayerful and seek God's power and protection.

< Have a clean and pure heart towards other people which will neutralize all evil plans against you or plan to kill you.

< Do not share your achievements with your enemies

< Never envy other people for their success and achievements.

< Finally, never plan to take life of anyone or plan evil against anyone so that whenever they plan evil against you on how to take your life, their evil plans will not work.

Use these weapons well and you will discover that you will be free from untimely death

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