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The Leader Of ISWAP And Son Of The Founder Of Boko Haram, Musab Al Barnawi, Has Been Killed

According to a popular cliche, "The evil that men do lives after them." Such is the case of the late Mohammed Yusuf, the late founder of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists group.

Based on fact findings, in 2002, Yusuf created the aforementioned terrorists faction as a gateway to cow the entire Nigerians into embracing the Islamic religion on the one hand, as well as antagonise Western education on the other. And even though he and the other leaders of the evil sect tried to paint it as a human rights group, they failed to continue hiding the malicious nature of it; hence, the plethora of public unrests that accompanied its inception in Maiduguri the capital city of Borno State. However, he (Yusuf) met his waterloo upon his arrest due to one of such civil unrests, and his eventual killing by the security operatives in 2009.

Consequent to the killing of Mohammed Yusuf, his more vicious predecessor, Abubakar Shekau (also now late) vowed to avenge his death. And he rapidly turned the already awkward extremist group into a legion of untold havocs. He was so deadly that some of his co-leaders of the faction faulted his ways. As a result, a dispute that led to the creation of ISWAP arose between and them. And two of late Yusuf's sons, Musab Al Barnawi and his younger brother, Ba'a Idrisa became the first leaders of the breakaway faction (ISWAP).

However, Idrisa who happened to be ISWAP leader was allegedly killed in 2019 by his immadiate colleagues because he was believed to be too soft on the locals, security operatives and Muslims.

Ba'a Idrisa

After the killing of his father and younger brother in the course of terrorism which the former pioneered, Al Barnawi had the option to immediately renounce the satanic path, and flee for his safety, but he did not do so. Instead, he formed the rebellious fraction of ISWAP that challenged Shekau, and forced him to commit suicide after defeating his Boko Haram fighters.Also, despite the handwriting on the wall that his own destruction was beckoning on him as the onslaughts by the JTF have forced thousands of his colleagues to surrender to the military troops since over two months, Al Barnawi remained headlong. And at last, he also allegedly met his doom late last month just like his father and younger brother.

In his lifetime, Yusuf chose to abuse the right to religion as a Nigerian. And by so doing, he went extreme by creating a religious organization of marauders who have killed tens of thousands of innocent souls like themselves. Yet, even though they claim to be Islamic Jihadists, deep down their minds, they surely know that they are hypocrites and self-deceivers. And above all, it is Allah who fights for his believers, not the reverse.

So, just like Mohammed Yusuf's Boko Haram has killed and caused sorrow, tears and blood to millions of families in Nigeria and beyond, as the evil creation of his transcends him, his own family has not been exempted from its destructive sprees.

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