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See Nigerian Soldier Who Is Fighting Boko Haram Terrorists Calls For Help. (Throwback)

The killing of Nigerian Soldiers by Boko Haram terrorists is becoming unbearable. Innocent souls have been killed by Boko Haram terrorists just because they wants to safe their father's land.

Today article explore how Nigerian Solder who is fighting Boko Haram terrorists calls for help to the Nigerian army authorities.

According to newsmen, "Nigerian Soldier who has been in the north east region calls on the army authorities to consider and rotates Soldiers due to increasing rate of deaths of troops."

To him, over stays of Nigerian gallant Soldiers in the region makes their moral weak in the battlefield.

It was further stated that, he urges the Nigerian army authorities to give their deployment to the north east a duration so that fresh hands can come and fight against Boko Haram terrorists.

Report also has it that, "he makes the pleads online by the Nigerian Army Depot in Zaria, Kaduna state.

He wrote: "This is what I observes in the front line, It makes the morale of troops weak in the battle field, the strengths to fight terrorists is lost and the hope is gone. For I am saying this due to my experiences, for I can remembered when we first comes the moral of troops was so strong that we do pushes these people without fear or thinking behind but as it is now, we are weak.

No moral, men becomes weak and that’s the beginning of our problem in the battlefield.

Please my short pleads is that let Nigerian army makes this operation just like other operation where soldiers are been rotates, at least let there be a rotation even if it takes one three times to come. I wish this my cry will go far to reach the right destination.

Friends, let's pray for our brave men who are fighting the Boko Haram insurgents in Sambisa forest. And let's also pray for the Nigerian army authorities to consider the pleads of our brother.

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