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Terrorism: Why Gov. Zulum, Borno People Should Be Careful With Members of Boko Haram Surrendering

The executive governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, has expressed his delight at how the notorious terrorists in the North-East region of Nigeria, who have also been destroying lives and properties in Borno State are now surrendering.

Governor Zulum disclosed that the terrorists, Boko Haram, are not surrounding in thousands to the Nigeria Army, the Department of State Service, and the Police force combating the insurgents in the state. Gov. Zulum said his state and the federal government are working on a framework for the surrendered members of Boko Haram.

To Governor Zulum, the decision of the terrorists to drop their weapons and surrender is a welcoming development.

Meanwhile, this is the time for the state and the Federal government to be vigilant, curious, and watchful. The people of Borno state also have to be careful, because the members of Boko Haram who are surrendering now cannot be truly trusted.

The terrorists must have picked the option of surrendering after discovering that they cannot win the fight against the valiant, gallant Nigeria Soldiers. The Federal government and the government of Borno state need to look inwardly if not cynically to fact check if the members of Boko Haram who are surrendering in thousands are truly dropping their guns to embrace peace.

Do you think Boko Haram Members surrendering are genuine with the decision?

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