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Opinion: The Execution Of Afghan Police Chief Proves That The Taliban Are Not Willing To Change

After Taliban overtook Afghanistan Government their leader had declared amnesty to everyone in the country promising that nobody will be punished for whatever reason. Taliban leaders asked everyone to go back to their normal lives as well as asked Government workers to return to work, promise was also made that they will not impose some of their beliefs on the Afghan people. The leaders of Taliban also asked that the Chinese and Russian Embassy stay back in the country, all the move was aimed at bringing things back to normalcy and show the rest of the world that Taliban can in a good way rule Afghanistan.

The Taliban has gone against the promises they made in several ways, On Tuesday BBC shared a video of a woman and child killed by gunshots used by Taliban fighters who were trying to flee the country. It was reported that the road to the Kabul International Airport was blocked by Afghan citizens trying to gain access to the Airport. A horrifying video has emerged online of Taliban fighters executing an Afghan Police Chief despite their promise not to seek retribution. The Police Chief identified as Haji Mullah Achakzai served in the Afghan Armed Forces before he was appointed Police Chief in Badghis province.

The Police Chief, reportedly gallantly fought against the Taliban during his years of service in the Afghan Armed Forces, the execution video of the Police Chief was posted on Twitter by his friend on Thursday. Mr. Waziri revealed that his friend was a high-rank Afghan Armed Forces Intelligence Officer. Mr. Waziri added that he is afraid for his life because he worked with the Afghan Government that was overthrown by Taliban.

According to a report, Taliban has gained access to Afghan Government's computer system and has begun to search for Afghans who assisted Afghanistan allied Forces or the Civil Government. The way Taliban has been carrying out several actions keeps reminding people of their brutality against human rights. Although the leader of Taliban Haibatullah Akhundzada has ordered the release of Political detainees, thousands of Afghan people are fleeing from the country.

Taliban has given reasons why their promises should be doubted especially with their recent actions. Instead of making the Afghan people trust that they have changed for the good they have continued with their old ways.

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