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The Nigerian Army And It's Silence [Opinion]

Over the past weeks, there's has been so much information about the Nigerian Army that has come to the fore.

General Adeniyi Olusegun spoke up anout the activities of the Nigerian Army and how he and his men were flanked by insurgents, with enormous fire power, which they were unable to repel, due to the lack of suitable war equipment. Within a couple weeks, he was redeployed to from the battlefield.

Lance Corporal Martins Idakpini, spoke up about the happenings in the army and how the neglect by the his Superiors, have caused the death of soldiers, as they don't have suitable ammunition, to neutralize these insurgents. Within a couple of days, the young soldier was arrested.

With the way these soldiers were handled, after speaking up, it goes without saying that many more soldiers will be afraid to lend their voice, you stop the wrong activities, within the Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian soldiers, are first and foremost citizens of Nigeria. However, when it comes to speak up the rights of what they signed up for(the Nigerian Army), they become hesitant, while these evils and go without being given proper handling.

Soldiers keep dying for causes, that could have been avoided, if they had better machinery. Indeed, it is really heartbreaking to know that some of the problems in the Army will never be given due consideration, because everyone is afraid to speak, for fear on being used as a 'scape-goat'.

May God bless the Nigerian Army

Dear friends, please let me know your thoughts on this matter on ground.

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