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Isreali Forces Boast As Airstrike That Hit Hamas Intelligence Centre, Killed Many Hamas Operatives

The airstrike conducted by Israel Defense Forces on an intelligence facility belonging to Hamas yielded a result as dozens of Hamas operatives were killed and trapped inside.

According to the statement being released some hours ago by Israel Defense Forces (IDF), mentioned that Hamas military intelligence office in Gaza have been struck by war jets belonging to Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

However, the statement further read that civilians have been asked to evacuate the building, and enough time to evacuate the building was given to them before the airstrike. Israel has sworn to continue in her strike which is targeted at terrors in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the foregoing photos represent leaders of both Hamas and Jihad terrorists being allegedly responsible for the rocket attack, launched at Israel within some hours ago, but were killed in an air onslaught by by the Israeli Forces.

What do you suggest should be done to address this conflict between Israel and Palestine? 


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