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[Opinion] Bandits Attacks And Other Security Problems Will Reduce If The FG Invest More Into Tech.

Security issues is something that the federal government are seriously trying to take care of in the country. How do you think these problems can be tackled by the government without the lives of anybody at risk?

As we all know, many of the insecurity problems in Nigeria like attacks from bandits, Boko Haram members, and other peace disturbing agents happen because of there is not enough security in the affected areas.

The federal government are doing all they can to stop these kinds of attacks but more can be achieved if the Federal government tries to take a different approach in order to strengthen security in the country.

Nigeria has many soldiers and members of other armed forces in the country, but that is not enough to defeat these insurgents. If more is invented into technology, we might be a step ahead of the insurgents in the country.

If the federal government tries to acquire drones in order to search forests and suspicious areas instead of soldiers, less lives will be lost because soldiers won't risk putting their lives at risk in order to search for insurgents.

CCTV with 24 hours service should be installed in streets and communities. Adequate workers should be put in charge of monitoring the CCTV footage. If this is done, suspicious activities can easily be detected.

The country's satellite dish should also be improved so that searching suspicious forests and locations will made easier. If this is done, insurgents will be attacked when they are not suspecting anything at all.

The Federal government should try to introduce self defense courses in schools and communities, so that residents in the communities can protect themselves from physical harm if insurgents are without guns.

Doing these might cost lot of money, but if these steps are implemented, it will be only a matter of time before bandits and insurgents are subdued in the nation.

What do you think?

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