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Bokoharam: Why "Repentant" Bokoharam Insurgents Are Still Dangerous.

Currently, there are talks of rehabilitating and deradicalizing some "repentant" members of the Bokoharam jihadist organization. Some of these terrorist fighters who were captured have come out to claim repentance. Some reportedly surrendered to the authorities too.

Map of Nigeria showing all the regions (

Problem is, deradicalizing jihadist almost never works, here is why.

1. These terrorists believe so strongly in what they fight for that thinking that a few sessions of therapy talking-to will truly change their mind. These men are often ready to give their life for their cause, and that level of commitment is hard to lose.


2. Just like the case in Afghanistan, these fighters lie about their true intentions. Integrate with the people and become spies for the cause they claimed to have abandoned. They give out vital security information to their group, making them more dangerous, and their attacks more coordinated.

Gov. Zulum of Borno state (

Gov. Zulum of Borno has once stated that the mission to reintegrate them was futile, that they usually go back to their group.


3. These terrorists claim repentance upon being subdued and captured. They feel it is the only way out, to sing the song the people want to hear. Claiming they are repentant and sorry fetches them sympathy.

4. Reintegrating these killers keeps the community they are in on her toes. The people will hardly be at peace and comfortable with them. Those who lost their loved ones and livelihood will find it extremely difficult to coexist with the same killers.

5. Rehabilitating them is dangerous to the unity of Nigeria. Most Nigerians agree these jihadist, upon their capture should face the law and get their punishment. Whether they are repentant or not matters for little. Justice must be served.

It is really sad that these people cause a lot of pain to the people, have maimed women and children in their barbarism, only to claim repentant and want mercy. They gave no mercy and therefore, deserve no mercy themselves.

The government should be careful on this, and make sure that those of them that have committed crimes are made to face the consequences.

Stay safe, ECfranklin cares

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