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Why Heavy Police/Military Presence In Southeast May Not Solve The Problem of Insecurity

Yesterday being the 18th of October, saw more killings by unknown gunmen in the southeast. Reports named Ebonyi state as the location for the senseless acts of murder.

This highlights the worsening state of security in the southeast region, and might even support the opinion of those calling for a state of emergency in the region. So far so good, Anambra state used to witness these killings and the government had to increase security in Anambra. The military even set up shop in the southeast with their operation Golden Dawn.


When the operation was launched, we all expected these senseless killings to stop, but what has been seen so far is roadblocks leading to traffic issues and yet again, more killings.

Map of Nigeria showing all the regions (

This then should reveal to the quick-thinking that these heavy mobilisation of force will likely not solve the security challenges plaguing the region.

The reasons are as follows.

1. These attacks are not head-on attacks as in a war. They are carried out as guerrilla attacks, at unsuspecting times and unsuspecting locations. Just like it appears Anambra has been secured, they have now moved to Ebonyi. How can the military fight a war with unseen forces?. They can not engage to apprehend criminals in locations they are not aware of.


2. The security forces are just enough to secure every nook and cranny of the region. Even their roadblocks are almost ineffective as the locals have devised other roads to bypass them All they achieve now is unnecessary hold-ups on the road and that does not help the situation at all.

Army emblem (Nigeria

Having taken a brief look at what the presence of the police and the army has achieved and the challenges it is facing so far, question now is, how can this insecurity be arrested?.

Well, the sure way of stopping the attacks is getting those carrying the attacks to stop. They are unknown so, they should be appealed to, may be through dialogue, to give peace a chance. If the government can meet some of their demands, they should try to do so.

(ECfranklin studio)

This is because, going with force all through will not solve the problem. Nigeria can not afford to lose sight of the Bokoharam and bandits menace by moving their security operatives to the southeast.

It will destabilize the fight against insurgency and at the same time, turn the southeast to a warzone.

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Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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