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NUCLEAR WEAPONS: How Countries Spend More On Military Arsenal Than They Do To Maintain Global Peace

Image Source: Federation of American Scientists

The top 9 nations with nuclear weapons are; Russia, the USA, China, France, the UK, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea. 5 of these countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council and they say many plausible things on the international fora about peace, democracy, and rule of law, etc. Yet, their citizens and the whole world can’t feel secure because they squeeze out of taxpayers to fuel the doomsday machine thereby ignoring the nuclear ban treaty approved at the UN General Assembly by the majority of nations.

Photo Credit: Signe Wilkinson

Rising military spending exposes the global political leaders as cynical liars; these liars are not one or two autocrats, but the entire political classes officially representing their nation-states. From the end of the cold war till today, the total annual military expenditure of the world rose almost twice, from one trillion to two trillion dollars; no wonder many people describe the current state of international affairs as the new cold war. During seven decades after the second world war, the leading nations of the world in an almost unanimous leap of insanity chose not to achieve social justice, brotherhood, and sisterhood of all humans, but to invest more in national war machines of brutal killing, destruction, and pollution of the environment.

Image Source: SIPRI

According to SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, in 1949 the United States war budget was 14 billion. In 2020, the United States spent 732 billion dollars on the armed forces. The absurdity and immorality of such gigantic military spending, the biggest war budget on the planet, is even more obvious considering that the United States spends only 60 billion dollars on international affairs. They can not convince us that the US Army is for defense, and not for aggression, especially as the country invests so much money in war and so little in peace. If you spend most of your time not making friends but practicing shooting, once you will find that people around look like a lot of targets. The aggression may be hidden for a while, but it will be inevitably revealed.

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Trying to explain why defense gets 12 times more money than diplomacy, U.S. ambassador and decorated officer Charles Ray said military operations will always be more expensive than diplomatic activities because that’s a natural reality. Charles did not even consider the possibility of replacing some military operations with peacebuilding efforts.

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