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Look at these ongoing conflicts that could cause World War 3

Following the situation the world is in now,with many nations at loggerheads with each other especially the European and North American countries there have been worries about a possible outbreak of another World War and with various nations of the world equipped with many sophisticated weapons it makes it even more deadly.

In the olden days,they could fight wars and cause minimum damage but now a nuclear weapon can destroy an entire city.

We saw that in the past World War,where Hiroshima and Nagasaki were brought to the ground by nuclear weapons.

Now there are some conflicts that people fear might bring about WW3 and I have researched on some of them,

Here they are;

1. Azerbaijan and Armenia War

As you recall this two countries were both former Soviet Russia republics.

Well, these two nations have not been on good terms following a region named Nargono-Karabakh and also seven other surrounding regions.

Tensions rose higher following an attack made by Armenian army on a region in Azerbaijan called Tovuz.

Azerbaijan suffered losses and lost their general while Armenia also suffered losses.

President Putin of Russia had to intervene when it started looking really bad and called for both nations to abide by the ceasefire deal which was already signed in 1994.

But President Tercep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey seems to be siding with Azerbaijan,and have also been holding military drills with them

Armenia seems to be a lot closer to Russia and have also acquired S-300 missiles.

If it becomes a full-fledged war many other countries would join seeing that Turkey is a member of NATO and Russia would come running to help Armenia.

2. India and Pakistan

Well as well known, India and Pakistan have been fighting over the region of Kashmir,this region seems to be a region of militant activities and violence

China is supporting Pakistan and even helping Pakistan's army grow and what makes it really dangerous is that these three nations are nuclear powers

After Pakistan's appeal to UNSC name two India's office as global terrorists was cancelled by members of the UNSC who are India's allies US,UK,France, Germany, Belgium tension have only rose.

If it becomes a big war,these big countries would surely involve these super powers no doubt

3. Greece and Turkey

Greece and Turkey have been at loggerheads over some regions. Especially. those that have a large resources of hydrocarbon.

Greece has a majority of European Union countries including UAE and Egypt supporting it, and Turkey is a member of NATO

Turkey even threatened to shoot down UAE fighter jets who carried out military drills with Greece.

If these becomes a full fledged battle,it would see NATO involved and other countries.

4. India and China

Since the clash of Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh that killed 20 Indians and also some Chinese though the nunber is unknown on the Chinese side,the two nations have not been on good terms.

The Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi even banned about 118 mobile Chinese apps, in order to reduce China's presence on the internet.

The USA fully supports India and Russia would always help China but they all are nuclear powers.

5. China and Taiwan

This is one of the long term Chinese conflicts that is still ongoing

China claims that Taiwan is part of it and have plans to make it a province

But America fully supports Taiwan and have made Taiwan the country with the highest number of F-16 jets in Asia.

If China invades like they were planning to then America would definitely join the war.

6. Israel and Iran

Iranian and Israeli conflicts have been ongoing since the 1900 but escalated in 2018, following Israeli concerns that Iran might get a nuclear weapon and that would put Israel at risk and also American bases in the Middle East.

China and Russia have also staunchly supported Iran and Israel and US have been very good allies

A full fledged war would see these nations clashing furiously and you know that US, Russia, China and Israel are all Nuclear powers.

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