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Same Way Boko Haram Started Is The Same Path IPOB And Igboho Are Following - Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba had cried out on social media that IPOB and Sunday Igboho are following the same path Boko Haram started with.

He made this known to the public when he tweeted

As Country, as a people, we have to talk to ourselves freely, openly & discreetly. The level of hypocrisy in all region is becoming a symbol of affinity. Very dangerous!

Same way BH started is same path IPOB & Igboho are following. All shouldn’t be encouraged.

They’re criminals.

Some Nigerians also shared their opinion on why IPOBS and Sunday Igboho are different from Boko Haram terrorist.


IPoB for has not and will not displace anyone let alone communities. Let the Government of today, tomorrow and years to come continue to get the Southeast involve in Governance, while the Yorubas, let the Northerners know that when they settle in other people's territory.


Bandits are criminals too. Herdsmen are more of criminals too. Tell them to stop killing and maiming people. Tell them to stop their cows from feeding on people's farms. If there was no killing in the first place, Igboho would have no need for his utterances.


You're a Fulani, and you support the bandit (terrorist) you didn't condemn their activities because you're in the business together. Hypocrisy is your first name. Bandit!

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