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Insecurity: Why Nigerian Youths Must Shun Violence and Extremism For the Betterment of Our Nation

The Nigerian military has reportedly killed five suspected armed members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The incident occurred at Arochukwu council of Abia State as the hoodlums numbering up to fifty launched an attack against soldiers, Vanguard reported. However, they were overpowered by the military and several others fled with varying degrees of gunshot wounds.

[File Photo: Armed Gunmen / Source: Daily Post Nigeria]

This is very unfortunate - to see our youths dying for no valid reason. Extremist ideology has been a major factor leading to the death of many youths in our dear country.

The North witnessed the carnage of Boko Haram Islamists. The extremist group lured hundreds of vibrant youths into their ranks under the fake claim of trying to establish an "Islamic state." And as a result, a lot of young lives were lost in the battle.

In what seems to be a replica of what happened in the North, there are a large number of youths joining extreme groups and carrying up arms against the government. These youths are made to believe that they are fighting for the restoration of an indigenous state of Biafra.

Although, the Nigerian constitution allows freedom of expression and has given right to peaceful demonstrations, picking up arms to actualize your ideology is a grave mistake.

What Every Youth Should Know !!

1. Every Nigerian youth should know that no one can fight the government. By trying to do so, a person is contributing to the suffering of citizens who have been enduring poverty and unemployment for years.

2. We must know that the only guaranteed way of bringing change in the affairs of the country is through education, hard work and selecting the right and competent leaders.

3. Lastly, we should love our country and strive for its betterment by being disciplined and patriotic. We must understand that our strength is in unity.

God Bless Nigeria!!!

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