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Opinion: The Killing Of Al-Barnawi's Successor And The Success In The Fight Against Terrorism

Terrorism in Nigeria being one of the most dominant challenges the government has been facing over the past years, and this is despite the different efforts that have been made towards limiting the rate at which these terrorists wreak havoc on human lives and properties.

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For example, the northern part of Nigeria over the past months have seen a huge level of attacks on people, bringing fear to the masses and causing various states to enforce rules which have, in one way, affected everyone, all for the sake of eliminating the high rate of attacks by terrorists.

However, considering the level of attacks in the country and the increase of these terrorists, one may not be wrong to question if the fight against terrorism in Nigeria could be fully achieved.

Though terrorism may not be fully eliminated in a country, it is important that the government in any country keeps being ahead in the fight, ensuring the dominance of these terrorists is reduced to the barest minimum.

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So far, the Nigerian military has shown perfect examples that the fight against terrorism could be achieved, and one of such is the killing of the successor of former ISWAP's leader, Al-Barnawi.

The killing of Malam Bako by the Nigerian military, according to a verified publication just days Al-Barnawi was confirmed dead, shows that as long as the military, who are dedicated to ending terrorism, continue in the fight, then one would not be wrong to say that fighting terrorism could be achieved.

The elimination of the new ISWAP's leader just days after the death of the previous leader was announced by the Nigerian military also proves the readiness to wage war on these terrorists, giving them no opportunity to continually wreak havoc, hence a likely reason to believe that the fight against terrorism could be achieved, despite all the odds.

Photo Credit: Daily Post Nigeria

Furthermore, the death of Malam Bako, Al-Barnawi's successor will strengthen the confidence of the Nigerian military in the fight against terrorism, and this could likely be vital in ensuring that this becomes a thing of the past.

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