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Check Out What A Little Girl Did To A Soldier At The Bank That Got People Talking (Video)

Many regard the Nigerian Army as the force that is mostly feared across the entire country. Although nobody knows why they are feared but all we can say is that people don't like interfering with them.

Recently, a video surfaced online and it has got many people talking due to what the video entails.

In the video, a soldier was seen on a queue in the banking hall trying to make a withdrawal when a little girl popped out from nowhere to greet the soldier. The unidentified little girl saluted the soldier and the soldier returned the favour by saluting the little girl back before holding her hands.

From the moment the soldier greeted the little girl back, there was joy unspeakable in the heart of the little girl which saw her smiled, jumped and danced as onlookers were in awe of the moment.

Click here to see the video.

However, this video has caused massive reactions on social media and people had this to say.

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