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Opinion: Nigeria May Face Terrorism Like Afghanistan, If Boko Haram Are Not Regulated Urgently

Photo credit to BBC

It was recently revealed that the terrorist group known as Taliban, has conquered the Capital City of Kabar, overthrown the Government, and taken over Afghanistan.

It is sad and devasting to watch this happen, the terrorists have taken the upper hand in the state, the top leaders have left the country out of fear, and foreign citizens are traveling back to their counties.


At this point, the military cannot do anything, because the situation is way out of control.

Photo credit to DW

According to sources, it seems like one of the members of this terrorist group was once and prisoner, but was rehabilitated, during the Obama regime.

This is a lesson the Federal Government and Nigerians must learn from.

Here in Nigeria our major problem is insecurity. Boko Haram is the primary threat, they have wasted many lives and destroyed many properties over the years. Therefore, they deserve to face the full wrath of the law, if this is not done, Nigeria may find itself in the same situation as Afghanistan in years to come.

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The Nigerian Government must never give terrorism a chance, it must be dealt with at all costs.

Criminals and bandits captured by security agents should not be rehabilitated back into the country, rather they should be judged according to the constitution and law of Nigeria.

The truth is, rehabilitating terrorists is a risk, if they are not well catered for, they may go back to their groups, reinforce, and establish a stronger group, thereby putting the lives of many at stake.

Photo credit to BBC

The security sector of the country must be consolidated, the government must put in more effort in providing arms and weapons necessary to tackle and put an end to terrorism in the state.

We cannot fold our hands and watch terrorists take the upper hand, drastic actions must be taken. Citizens must also ahead strictly to the warnings and orders of the Government, we must also play our own part.

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