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Opinion: Why the Invasion of Taraba State by Cameroonian soldiers is risky & unacceptable

A report disclosed that the Cameroonian soldiers invaded a community in Nigeria in a bid to apprehend some suspected separatists who fled into Nigeria.

Now, crossing a country’s border without proper permission and approval from its rightful authorities is very risky and might attract consequences.

Nigerian soldiers are trained to protect its territory against external encroachment and trespassing across its borders in the region.

Crossing the Nigeria border by the Cameroonian soldiers might prompt the Nigerian government to act proactively by deploying security operatives in the area to contain and apprehend the trespassers whose actions were deemed illegal and violative.

It might lead to tension and trade restrictions which might be placed on the country whose soldiers trespassed into Nigeria to apprehend the so-called Ambazonia separatists.

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Although the incident happened at Kurmi Local Government Area of Taraba State in a bid to arrest Ambazonia separatists by the Cameroonian soldiers.

It is still against Nigerian law especially without the proper approval to invade its territory with arms.

What can you say regarding these developments?

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