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Ukrainian Forces Make Advances in Bakhmut Amid Intense Combat: Heavy Losses Reported on Russian Side

(Photo Credit: CNN)

Intense combat rages on in Bakhmut, an eastern Ukrainian city, with a Ukrainian unit reporting significant progress on the city's western outskirts. (CNN)

(Photo Credit: Defense News)

The Third Separate Assault Brigade has undertaken "offensive actions" that have enabled them to secure a formidable position in anticipation of Ukraine's upcoming counteroffensive.

The brigade's leaders have stated that their breakthrough covers an expanse approximately 2000 meters wide and 700 meters deep, underscoring their gains.

According to the Ukrainian fighters, they have inflicted heavy losses on the opposing Russian troops, eliminating at least 50 soldiers and injuring up to 100 more.

Furthermore, they have successfully apprehended four Russian captives, significantly depleting the enemy's forces in the region.

Additional recent developments in Bakhmut highlight Ukrainian forces making advancements despite facing intense fire from Russian troops.

The 46th Separate Air Assault Brigade, another Ukrainian unit, has reported their focus on a promising rural area south of the city, along with nearby villages situated close to the main northwest-bound highway that connects Bakhmut and Sloviansk.

These strategic locations have drawn their attention as they seek to bolster their positions and make further progress.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner mercenary group, revealed that Russian army units have withdrawn from a northern area of Bakhmut, thereby leaving his own fighters vulnerable.

However, Prigozhin emphasized that his forces within the city continue to gain control over streets and buildings along its western boundary.

The ongoing combat in Bakhmut remains a dynamic and fluid situation, with Ukrainian units making gains on multiple fronts while facing heavy resistance from Russian troops.

The claims made by the Ukrainian fighters regarding their progress and inflicted casualties serve as a testament to their determination and military prowess.

As the conflict unfolds, further developments are expected to shape the outcome in this volatile region.

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