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Opinion: Why Government Should Replace Police Checkpoints In South-East With Military Checkpoints

Security situation in the south eastern part of the country has come under scrutiny in recent times, following the worsening security challenges in the region. Unfortunately, the rampaging unknown gunmen has continued to unleash terror in different states in that part of the country.

The so called unknown gunmen have targeted security facilities in the region, especially the police. A lot of police officers have been killed, police stations set ablaze and police checkpoints attacked from time to time. Meanwhile, it is obvious that the target of the criminal elements perpetrating this evil is just to weaken the security formation in the south east, in order to have a field day.

(Photo credit: Dateline Nigeria)

Therefore, it is time for the government to take drastic measures and actions, in order to salvage the situation on time, before the situation turns into something worse. And one of the urgent drastic measures is to replace the police checkpoints in the region with military checkpoints. Yes, because the military, just like we have seen in the past, are better trained and positioned to contain such security challenges.

And unfortunately, since the attacks on police formations intensified in the south east, most of the police checkpoints in the region has been dismantled or abandoned, which is a very dangerous situation, especially considering the security situation in that part of the country. Meanwhile, you will not blame the retreating police officers, because the attacks against them has continued to get worse.

(Photo credit: The Cable Nigeria)

In fact, there have been series of attacks on police checkpoints in the region, which has equally claimed the lives of many gallant police officers. For instance, in September 2021, unknown gunmen attacked a police checkpoint in Nachi in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State. Sadly, some police officers were killed during the attack, according to Daily Sun Nigeria.

Going further, Daily Post Nigeria reported that in July 2021, reported that unidentified gunmen launched a deadly attack on a police checkpoint mounted in Obeagu-Amechi Community, in Enugu South Local Government Area of the state. And in April of this year, unknown gunmen staged a deadly attack on a Naval checkpoint, mounted near Enamel Ware junction, along the Onitsha-Owerri highway in Anambra State.

(Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria)

Also, in March 2021, Daily Trust Newspaper reported how unknown gunmen successfully attacked a police checkpoint mounted in Agu Eze Amaogudu, Abiriba, Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State. It was equally reported that about three gallant officers of the Nigerian police lost their lives during the attack. Unfortunately, the list of same or similar attacks on police checkpoints is seemingly endless.

Meanwhile, we cannot continue to loose our gallant police officers in this manner, especially to avoid demoralizing them. Yes, because already most of these police checkpoints have been deserted, hence giving criminal elements the opportunity to operate as they wish. And without mincing words, the consequences of not having security checkpoints on our roads will be too enormous, especially at a time that south east is facing varying degrees of violent security challenges.

(Photo credit: The Premium Times Nigeria)

Meanwhile, we have not talked about attacks on police stations, high profile assassinations, etc, which equally has become a regular occurrence in the region. But with these military checkpoints, the heinous activities of the so called unknown gunmen and other criminal elements will reduce drastically. Yes, because it will become a herculean task for them to scale through these new security formations, therefore, it becomes a big problem for them to move and perpetrate their evil freely and easily.

Note that, the soldiers won't be there forever, just like it has been witnessed in the past in some of other parts of the country. We cannot continue replying on the police alone, the security challenges in the south east cannot be well tackled by the police a lone. Therefore, there's an urgent need to complement the efforts of the police and other security apparatus in the region.

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