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Two Evil Things UGM Did In The Southeast In The Past Few Days That Should Teach Igbos A Great Lesson

It is no longer news that UGM (Unknown Gunmen) has caused havoc in the southeast in the past few days. The activities of this gunmen have been making headlines in Nigeria.

However, there are two evil things UGM (unknown gunmen) did in the southeast in the past few days that should teach Igbos a great lesson.

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What are the two things?

The killing of Chioma and the burning of Joe Igbokwe's house should teach Igbos hailing them a great lesson.

1: The Killing of Chioma.

Most Nigerians can still recall that a video of some Igbos hailing unknown gunmen walking and harrassing people went viral some days ago. This same UGM that they were praising had murdered a young girl.

This should teach Igbos hailing them that no matter how they try to support these deadly men, they will definitely turn against them.

For instance, when Boko Haram first started in the Northeast as the saviour of the people, residents hailed and supported them. The same Boko Haram has killed over 10,000 people in the region.

Click here to watch this video.

2: The Burning of Joe Igbokwe's house.

In my opinion, the burning of Igbokwe's house should teach them that these men are no respecters of people's positions in society. Igbokwe is a top politician, but that didn't stop UGM from burning his house.

This should make the Igbos fight against the unknown gunmen rather than support and hail them.

Igbokwe's house was worth millions, but was destroyed within a few minutes. 

These men don't deserve any support because they might turn against their supporters. It is like rearing a lion, knowing fully well that it is a carnivorous animal that may attack you at any time.

Lastly, they should learn to support the government and embrace peace.

What do you think about this? Drop your thoughts in the comments section.

Note: This is my personal perspective. Anyone with a different viewpoint should use the comments section.

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