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Nigerians Soldiers Won't Seek For Retirement, If They Have These Powerful Weapons (Opinion).

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Recall that No limited than 356 soldiers in the North- East and other theatres of operation have pertained to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai, for natural retirement, citing “ loss of interest ” as their reason for disengagement.

It was gathered that the soldiers applying for voluntary disengagement and citing loss of interest are from the North- East theatre of operation an advancement which military sources mentioned to loss of motivations, confidence , poor weapons, unimproved allowances and the continuous loss of soldiers to Boko Haram attacks.

According to one of the soldiers,Since the beginning of 2020 , Boko Haram onslaughts on military areas in the North-East have also enhanced with large deaths on the part of troops of the Nigerian Army .

In March , the Defence Headquarters, Abuja, said 47 soldiers were killed by a bomb outbreak triggered by Boko Haram in Gorigi near Allargano Forest area in Borno State.

In the same month, the army confirmed losing three soldiers while others were injured in a Boko Haram attack in the Damboa Local Government Area of Borno.

In my opinion Boko Haram militants can not out stand the military if they are equipped with powerful weapon like, machine gun.

Bren machine gun.

Browning automatic rifle.

Hotchkiss machine gun.


MAG machine gun.

Maxim machine gun.

Schwarzlose machine gun.

rifle. assault rifle.

M16 rifle.

Browning automatic rifle.

submachine gun.

Sten gun.

Thompson submachine gun.

Uzi submachine gun.

HK416 assault rifle. 

En fal assault rifles. 

STEYR Aug assault rifle. 

FN scar assault rifle. 

STONER AR-15 rifle. 

M2HB machine gun. 

DSR-50 sniper rifle. 

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