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Who will Deliver us in this Country? Bandits kills Another 18 Soldiers in Kastina

Who will deliver us from this country. Apart from the politicians nobody is safe, including the military, Look at the way they are killing our young soldiers.

This ill equipped suicide mission our men in uniform have embarked on will end in sorrows since politicians are fueling the bandits and boko haram.

We will have more widows in our societies because of this. The top military officials aren’t sincere but soon a coup will occur to balance this country else we all will die.

I am pretty sure you will hear that Boko Haram/ISWAP/Bandits have been neutralized tomorrow. Shame that people still fight for Nigeria.

Nigeria has lost more soldiers than Boko Haram fighters. The cover-up no longer changes that reality. 

Worst is that the arrested terrorists are given heroic treatment and 'rehabilitation' with settlements and bonuses.

Imagine loosing single American soldier.

Nigeria is a hopeless country.

Military team being killed by bandits, no intelligence gathering at all. With all the moneys mapped our for weapons, still no hope?

I feel pain in my heart seeing these young men who died needlessly, 18 young Nigerians.

Those who sent them to slaughter house should know that vengeance belong to God.

The President needs to do something, I agree we need new strategies. Advancing on enemy's camp require tanks , gun trucks, air power.

Those who curse and wish Nigeria evil should not forget you're in Nigeria.

Let us pray for those soldiers, many of them joined military because they wanted jobs and now they are dead. It is sad.

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