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Three Notorious Terrorist Leaders Who Were Killed In West Africa This Year

Terrorism has become a trans-national crime just like human and drug trafficking. Countries always come together to fight terrorism through an arrangement called "collective security". 

Over the years, West African countries have been battling with different terrorist groups like Boko Haram and ISWAP.

A multi-national joint task force was formed by Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger to combat Boko Haram insurgents in the Lake Chad region, while Senegal, Mali, and others are also battling another terrorist group in the Sahara region.

Billions of dollars have been spent on the war against terrorism in the West African region in the last two decades, and many lives have been lost in the unending war.

However, there were three notorious terrorists killed in West Africa this year. 

1. Abubakar Shekau

Shekau was reportedly killed when ISWAP captured his territory in Sambisa forest in May 2021. He was the leader of the Boko Haram group until his death. He took over in 2009 after the founder, Mohammed Yusuf, was killed by security agents. 

2. Adnan Walid Al-Sahrawi

France said yesterday, September 15, 2021, that it's killed Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, leader of Islamic State in the Greater Sahara.

Al-Sahrawi splintered and founded ISGS in 2015, pledged allegiance to ISIS and served as its leader since then. His group has been involved in major attacks in the Sahel, including the killing of four American forces in 2017 and the execution of six French charity workers in 2020.

3. Abu Mus'ab al-Barnawi

Al-Barnawi was Boko Haram founder, Muhammad Yusuf's, biological son. He took over ISWAP in 2016 after they splintered from Shekau. He was then deposed, but was reinstated by ISIS earlier this year as interim leader. He recently released several messages claiming to consolidate ISWAP. He was reportedly killed by Shekau's boys a few days ago. 

The death of the terrorists is a huge blow to ISIS. They are very senior figures that can't be replaced. In the case of al-Barnawi, his death shows that Boko Haram's civil war continues and that Shekau's boys are still powerful. 

Nevertheless, the development shows that the war against terror groups in West Africa is coming to an end. 

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