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Here are things Nigerian Government should do to boost and enhance our Military

This country is really going through difficult times following the unfortunate rise in insurgency and banditry in the country.

Over a decade now, the northern part of Nigeria is heavily being tormented by the insurgent group called Boko Haram.

Nigerian troops are gaining grounds and confidence to attack them instead of being on the defensive. The Nigerian armed force, has in these successive years, contributed immensely to the fighting, and sabotaging of the terrorist group with their military efficacy and arsenal but things are to be done to win this war again the terrorist.

Nigerian government need to do these thing to enhance our military.

1. They should acquire more aircrafts and marine ship

The develop countries like USA, China have lots of aircraft that is why they are able to defeat thier enemies. Nigeria Government should spend more money in buying this combat aircraft.

2. Commandos and special forces 

If Nigeria have more Commandos like in USA and they are well trained, terrorists will be running for thier dear lives. 

3. Weapon producing company 

Nigeria should establish weapon producing comoany, if we are producing weapons by ourselves, this will boost the morale of our soldiers and they will be able to defeat Boko Haram in a minutes. 

4. Use of Drone 

Technology is now advance, more countries are now using drones to fight terrorist, this gives them more access to enemies territory without much danger. There are different drones which are available in fighting wars. Nigeria government should acquire them. Some drones are meant to do undercover.

5. Special Weapons like nuclear bomb to scare them.

There are lot of special weapon that are available apart from those normal ones we use to see, like AK-47. Weapons like machine guns, gatling guns and the rest.

6. Advance military gadget

If we have milatary gadget like other counties, we would defeat our countries in a short period.

What do you think about these, In my opinion, if Nigeria Government can do all these, terrorists would be defeated in a matter of short time.

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