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South East Attacks: Sri Lanka Option Should Be Applied If A State Of Emergency Can't Be Declared

On Tuesday, in Imo state, people referred to as unknown Gunmen stormed a meeting of Ezes, and murdered two Ezes, Eze Okwudor and Ihebinowerri. Although according to the police report, the murderers are bandits suspected to be IPOB/ESN members who stormed the meeting venue at Nnenasa community, Njaba Local Government Area of the State and started shooting at them indiscriminately, after which they ran back into the bush.

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Terrorism has a multiplier effect. The miscreants doing these things in the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria might not be many. Because before the suspension of DCP Abba Kyari, many of them were killed in Imo State and some of them were arrested. It is only that the police didn't continue the mop-up. So the few remnants became leaders of recruits. For example, according to a confession by Dragon (one of the arrested ESN Commanders arrested by the police), he was a nobody in ESN. However, when the people above him were eliminated he became commander. That is the way they have been multiplying despite the daily arrest by the military and police.

It is time the Sri Lanka Approach is applied in the South-East geopolitical zone. With the ban on media, human rights groups, UN, killing of terrorists and leaving no witnesses, Sri Lanka was able to end a three decades long act of terrorism in 2012, which since then no record of any act of terrorism. Government and military around the world, most especially countries that are faced by the act of terrorism are under-studying the Sri Lanka Option of combating terrorism. The country is the only country in the world that has successfully ended terrorism in this modern age.

If the government thinks it is impossible to declare a state of emergency over the incessant attacks, like the North East, the approach should be applied. What the government needs is discreet intelligent gathering and infiltration. Any social media, call app, and others that the State can't monitor should be blocked from Nigeria. Telegram especially.

The federal government should also start going after their abroad-based sponsors using both diplomatic channels. Facebook should be commanded to block all identified online radio personalities (Simon Ekpa, Prince Darlington, Okwuruora, etc), and should Facebook fail to cooperate, the government will give it the Twitter treatment. We need solutions, not helpless lamentations. These deranged attackers can be contained by the application of the Sri Lanka Approach.

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