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[Opinion] Death of 25 Soldiers And The Endless War Against Terrorism In Nigeria's Northeast

For over a decade now, Nigeria has continued to lose its brave and gallant soldiers to the never-ending war against terrorism in Nigeria’s Northeast region. The Boko-Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorist groups operating in the region, have continued to launch deadly attacks on troops and villages, killing people at will, and disrupting economic activities in the region.

Image Credit: Sahara Reporters

For over a decade, the Nigerian government has continued to invest millions of dollars to prosecute the war against terrorism in the Northeast region. Sadly, despite the huge amount that the government is investing on a regular basis, the insurgents have refused to back down. Instead, we have had reports of deadly attacks on the military, with some of the nation’s gallant and brave soldiers losing their lives in the process.

Image Credit: Sahara Reporters

Recently, a report by Sahara Reporters revealed that the ISWAP attacked and killed about 25 soldiers in Nigeria’s Northeast region. Sadly, this is not the first time that the military would be recording some casualties after being attacked by the insurgents. This has become an issue that should be of serious concern to every well-meaning Nigerian. Arguably, to some people, the report of the killing of 25 soldiers could mean nothing. However, it is important that we understand that they are humans like us too.

Image Credit: Sahara Reporters

It is worrisome that the nation has continued to lose its gallant soldiers to the insurgents for over a decade now. With the recent report about the death of 25 soldiers, I believe that it has become important that the government and Nigerian military should review the approach to the fight against terrorism in the Northeast region.

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Arguably, the insurgents are no match for the might of the Nigerian Military. However, there have been several reports about the deaths of soldiers fighting terrorism in the Northeast region. This should not be so. The government cannot continue to waste millions of dollars that would have been spent on development projects fighting terrorism, and still be recording casualties on the side of its military. As such, I believe that the death of the 25 soldiers has shown that it is time for the review of the approach to the fight against terrorism in the Northeast region of Nigeria to know exactly what could be responsible for the casualties being recorded by the military. 

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