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After Giving Buhari Highest Award, Niger President Mourns As Terrorist Massacre 58 In His Country

While the Nigerien president was on an official visit to Nigeria, his people back in Niger were suffering the brutal attack from terrorists who raided a location and killed 58 people.

The brutal attack had taken place on Monday, a day before the Niger President visited Buhari in Abuja.

It occurred along the north-west area of the country in the Tillaberi region where Niger borders with Mali.

The terrorist had laid ambush targeting mainly traders who were returning from a nearby market.

Although no details have been given about the terrorist group who carried out the attacks, there have been reports of seeing some terrorist groups that have sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda or Islamic State in the countries of the Sahel region

The Nigerien government had pronounced today, Wednesday as a mourning day for the killing.

The area where the attack was carried out is not in the control of the country's military and as such, is being exploited by jihadist groups, and also by criminal networks.

It is the same location where the jihadist launched an attack on four U.S. Special Forces soldiers killing them along with five Nigerien colleagues in 2017.

This same region, the Tillaberi region, has witnessed the killing of more than 70 residents in December 2019 and more than 89 in January 2020.

Recall the Niger president was in Nigeria on Tuesday as part of his thank-you visit to African leaders as he rounds off his tenure as president.

His visit came with the bestowing of the highest national award to President Buhari, a move that has since been criticized in some circles in Nigeria.

The criticism came even as both countries have continued to suffer continuous attacks from terrorists.

Pundits, however, urged both presidents to rather, look inward and solve the pressing security issues plaguing their countries before dashing out awards to each other.

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