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‘Repentant’ Boko Haram Members Return To Terrorist Group After Spying On Communities

Borno Governor Babagana Zulam said the eradication of the Boko Haram terrorists, which are commonly known as the "safe corridor", did not go as expected.

Governor Babagana Sülm spoke in his address at a meeting of the Northeast Governors Forum held in the reception hall of the Bauchi State Government Building.

The meeting was attended by the Governors of Borno, Adamawa, Gombe and Bauchi, with Taraba and Yobe represented by their agents. "Its notoriety is part of an uprising that needs to be seen and changed, the dismantling of Boko Haram terrorists who were voluntarily arrested or handed over to the authorities.

Loyal people function as expected. No. This is a" safe intermediary initiative "or misunderstood. usually returns to a terrorist group after observing various security arrangements in the host community during the reunification process. In addition, usually the reunification process takes place in front of the Boko Haram terrorist host community. They have changed, but because of the mistakes and mistakes they made in the past.

They will never change. They surrendered when they were about to be caught.

The government said they were repent. Who are they fooling who. Harbouring your brothers in disguise in the name of repentant and killing innocent protesters. Who send them if not Federal government"

See mixed reactions below

When we said this, some of the BH social media promoters and defenders argued.

Never heard about any repentance theory in the war against terror all over the world.

A lame idea from criminal elements within the state, I guess?

"The northerners are the problem of Nigeria. Never in my life have I heard of repentant terrorists, now It has backfires. No northerners should be allow to hold any position in Nigeria cos they all don't have sense"

"Until the Nigerian state stop flirting with sharia and begin to deal with the ideology of Bokoharam, this merry-go-round will continue"

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