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Russia and Ukraine war was foretold


Russia Ukraine war was foretold

Actually a lot of people never took their time to think deeply about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. In fact many people think it's just a misunderstanding between the two nations and some others think it's just the intention of Russia to show off their military power to the world by intimidating Ukraine but neither of those is true.

This is what will amaze you, Do you know that according to the Islamic believes and orientation it is said that Muhammad (SAW) is the final messenger of Allah and the seal of prophets and so therefore he came with the most detailed information about end time?

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) in his lifetime made a prophecy that the world will be filled with beautiful buildings then at a time behold those buildings will be destroyed.

Another prophecy is there in the Quran (chapter 17:58) that every city will be destroyed or afflicted with punishment.

This can be understood to be as a consequence of wars of massive destruction. From here I can conclude that in the future it's not just going to be Russia Ukraine war alone but will involve other countries. The war will involve weapons of mass destruction like atomic bombs and since some countries depend on those countries that will be involved in the war for economic benefits, then they will be afflicted with economic downfall and thereby bringing this prophecy to reality.

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