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The Resignation Of 356 Nigerian Soldiers And The Bitter Truth[Opinion]

Very recently, over 200 soldiers voluntarily resigned from the army, under the excuses of 'Loss of interest' and 'Taking up a traditional title' and Nigerians remain completely surprised at this situation, especially at a time like this, when we need as many men as we can get, in the Nigerian Army.

Unfortunately, these great men started out with passion for the job and a drive to keep the nation safe, but could surely not out up with the present condition of the Nigerian Army.

We will recall that Gen. Adeniyi Olusegun, the former theatre commander of the 'Lafia Dole' operation in Maiduguri stated how poorly equipped his men were for battle and Lance Corporal Martins Idakpini, echoed the great commander's sentiment, although in a less respectful manner.

However, both of the men of the Nigerian Army, got the messaged across and truly doubt that any individual, who has a family and loved ones, who may be dependent on him, would want to die for under circumstances. Hence, many of these men have applied to leave the Nigerian Army.

We just hope and pray, that this does not dampen the morale of the brave men of the Nigerian Army, who have decided to defend their nation, regardless if the challenges.

God bless and keep Nigeria!

Dear friends, what is your opinion on this issue of national concern?

Can the Nigerian Army, still attract young and vibrant men?

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