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Video: Man Who Was Accused Of Giving Information That Led To The Death Of ESN Commander Speaks Out

This article featured a young Nigerian man who took to social media to reveal that he was accused wrongly as he has nothing to do with the Dead of ESN Commander Ikonso. Read through to the end to hear what he had to say and how people reacted to his speech in the end.

An unidentified young woman took to social media to reveal his innocence with regards to some accusations leveled against him recently. The man was simply accused on social media for being responsible for providing information that led to the death of Mr Ikonso, the former commander of Eastern Security Networks (ESN).

Late Mr Ikonso died last Saturday during a gun battle as revealed by the Nigerian security operatives. Although some groups believed that he was murdered in cool blood during his sleep in his father's house that Saturday.

Photo: Late ESN Commander Ikonso.

This young man in the video revealed that he is very much innocent of the accusations leveled against him. According to him, Ikonso is his brother, and he is currently mourning his death right now. He mentioned how he love Ikonso so much and how he can never fight or kill his brother for any reason whatsoever.

He stressed out on how the most important thing right now is to mourn his brother, and also how to take care of the family he left behind rather than spreading nonsense gossip on Facebook.

He called Ikonso a hero, but above all, he maintained his position as being completely innocent on conspiring to kill his brother.

Watch the video below and listen to him directly.

However after watching the video, a lot of reactions stemmed up as many people seemed not to be convinced with his claim. Just take a look at some of the comments from people below.

Question: what can you say after listening to this young man? Are you convinced that he is innocent after all? Kindly share with us your reasons in the comments.

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