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3 acts the Igbo youths should avoid in regard to the operation golden dawn launched in Southeast.

In response to the escalation of violence and killings in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria, the Nigeria army launched a mission called "Operation Golden Dawn" , in a bid to curtail and reduce the violence and killings in the South-Eastern Caribbean.

However, there are some innocent Igbo youths that might fall victims to the consequences of this mission either by being shot dead by a soldier who might mistake the innocent youths for the personalities of violence courtesy of the spot they were found or Some innocent youths could be hit by straying bullets or even arrested.

However, the Eastern youths should avoid some activities for now until everywhere and the situations become calm.

Nevertheless, the south-east youths should avoid these 3 activities:

1. Attending night programs: Youths should minimize their late night outings for night parties or any other night activities like tarry nights by either moving out earlier to the party or tarry night venue, and returning the next morning. And not moving out late in the night for such events or programs.

2. Bridling of their tongues: The Eastern youths should be wise on their discussions and interactions with people in the public. They should always bridle their tongues from every public discussions that relates to the IPOB group. Because no one knows who is who.

3. Flaunting any color that is in resemblance with the IPOB'S flag color: some few weeks back, we all witnessed how a popular Nigerian veteran actor, Chinwetalu Agu was arraigned by the soldiers for putting on a Biafra outfit. The Nigeria actor was later released because he was connected and popular. But not all youths will be in such situations, and will return because the IPOB group has been termed by the federal government to be outlaws.

Please our south-eastern youths should take cognizant and careful measures on their actions and dealings while in the public.

Content created and supplied by: Michphil (via Opera News )

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