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Video: See the fastest aircraft’s in the Nigerian Air Force, The Chengdu Airguard

The Nigerian Air Force is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and well-equipped Air Force in Africa.

In recent months, the Nigerian Air Force has acquired several fighter jets and other sophisticated Aircraft to improve their air mission and operation across the region.

Chengdu Air guard is one of the fastest aircraft in the Nigerian Air Force with outstanding designs and airflow making the aircraft an expert in rapid maneuver.

A video showing the Chengdu Air guard in action from maintenance check, take off and rapid maneuver which was carried out immediately after takeoff from the Nigerian Air Force Airstrip.

The Chengdu Air guard has maintained its standard and service to the Nigerian Air Force and other regional Air Forces as a result of its excellent reputation.

Watch the video from the link below-

What is your opinion regarding the fight against insurgency with the Alpha jets?

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