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If all Asian countries formed an allied military, can they go on par with China?

Not even close, for two reasons:Even if there was economic parity, all of these countries don’t necessarily like/trust/care about the other ones. I am not at all convinced that if Russia attacked Lithuania that all the NATO powers would mobilize to save it. It’s even harder to imagine Malaysia mobilizing for total war with China to protect the sovereignty of Vietnam. There is not much that ties them together.

None of these nations have nuclear weapons , and the nations that have better militaries generally, and a plausible path towards nuclear weapons, like Taiwan, Japan, and ROK, aren’t members. And that’s if they develop nuclear weapons, and the US has stopped that from happening, which will create a big problem for them if and when the US leaves. Even if they became members, they would still have problem #1. I think that Taiwan has reasonably good relations with Japan, but Japan and S. Korea dislike each other very much.

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