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Discrepancy Between Machine Gun and Sub-machine Gun

Guns are majorly classified into four, which are; machine guns, submachine guns, rifles and handguns.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of rifles which include; shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and battle rifles.

In this article, I'll be talking about the discrepancy between the machine gun and the submachine gun.


A machine gun is a rifled long-barrel auto loading and auto-firing firearm designed to sustain direct fire with fully powered cartridges.

machine guns are designed to be primarily used as infantry support missiles and generally used when attached to a bipod or tripod. Numerous machine guns use belt feeding and open bolt operation. 


A submachine gun is abbreviated as SMG.

Submachine guns are competent for continuous instantaneous fire but use handgun cartridges. It works similar to fully-fledged automatic assault rifles like M16 but are smaller and use pistol cartridges.

A submachine gun is an automatic carbine and a magazine-fed rifle designed to fire handgun cartridges. The ammunition of submachine have limited power and are not suitable for long-range combat.

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