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Anybody Who Can Help Us Reach Shekau Should Tell Him That We Have Ransom To Pay - Elder In Chibok

A few days ago, Boko Haram released a video showing Pastor Bulus Yakuru, a pastor in the north, crying out that he has just one week left to live. In the video which was released last Wednesday by the leader of the terrorist group, Abubakar Shekau, Pastor Yakuru said that day would be the last time he would have the opportunity to call on the concerned people in the country. He begged that anyone who has the capacity to help him should please come to his rescue, and save him from the pain he is currently going through.

The pastor begged that he is in great pains, and that he would love to return home to his family, relatives and church members. According to report, Pastor Yakuru was married with three children before Boko Haram abducted him on December 24th, 2020, from Pemi Village in Borno, a community that is a few kilometres from Chibok. And now, Shekau has threatened to kill the pastor within a week if his demands are not met.

Reports have it that his wife is deeply depressed by what her husband is currently passing through. And his family members, friends and church members are also very worried, and are praying that the Boko Haram leader will not kill him.

And now, with Pastor Yakuru's life on the line, some elders in Chibok have taken steps to try to save Pastor Yakuru from death row.

The people of Chibok, Pastor Yakuru's church members and family members have contributed money to pay as a ransom to Shekau for his release, but it seems the problem they have now is how to get to Shekau. And with just a few days left, they are increasingly worried about the safety of the pastor.

One of the community elders in Chibok who spoke about the issue said that the stakeholders concerned have been able to raise a substantial amount of money, and they are planning to meet with the Boko Haram leader or his men to deliver the money to him to spare Pastor Yakuru's life.

The elder said that before they saw the video, they had already begun contributing money to that effect, and that the video only contributed to their worries. He said that they want to meet Shekau or his men and give the money to them so that Pastor Yakuru would not be killed.

He begged that anyone who can help them reach out to Shekau or his men should please tell them that they have ransom to pay to save the pastor's life. He also begged them not to kill the pastor after one week as they threatened.

This is very sad indeed, and the plight of this man has been attracting reactions from concerned Nigerians. Several people have called on the terrorist group not to kill the pastor after the one-week ultimatum, but with just a few days left before the expiration of the ultimatum, the anxieties are getting deeper.

This isn't the first time Boko Haram has threatened to kill someone if their demands are not met. Some time ago they killed someone who was working Action Against Hunger and three nurses because they gave conditions, just as they have given for Pastor Yakuru now.

I can imagine what his wife and his family members would be going through at this moment. Reports have it that his wife is seriously depressed by this, and we hope nothing will happen to her husband.

Boko Haram has killed thousands of people in the northern part of the country, and has forced over two million people to flee from their communities for safety in other lands. But we hope Pastor Yakuru will not be one of those unfortunate victims to die in their hands. We hope the stakeholders will be able to reach Shekau and give the ransom to him, and that they will be able to get the Boko Haram leader to release him

Please drop a prayer for this pastor, and also share the article so that it can reach those who can help him.

Credit: Sahara Reporters.

Content created and supplied by: Richiehenshaw (via Opera News )

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