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Nigerian Defence Academy NDA: How some Cadets go through with the Physical training

The Nigerian Defence Academy cadets go through alot of physical and ethical training in other for them to be fit for the job when they become commissioned as officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They undergo different kind of training. Some Cadets run out of the Academy due to the intense training, while others stay till they graduate. Below are some of the attributes which those that stay till the end have:

1. Endurance: some cadets level of enduring pain and physical training is high, their physical and psychological endurance level helps them to endure an get used to the training.

2. Physical Strength: some of the Cadets are physically strong and they don't give up easily, this is an attribute that helps some of them to scale through all obstacles that may hinder them.

3. god-father: some cadets in the Academy have the backing of seniors cadets in the Academy. This helps them in times of Purnisments or bullying by other senior cadets.

4. Trust in God: this is one of the most important attibutes that helps some cadets to scale through. They pray and trust in God, they also look up to him in times of difficulties.

What other attribute do you think helps some cadets to scale through?

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